September 21, 2014  
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Reduction plan poses serious safety issue, fire official tells Youngstown mayor

Sep 18, 2014 (11:01:40)

City firefighters expressed concern to Mayor John A. McNally about his plan to take a fire engine off the road saying it’s a serious safety issue. Read more:

North Riverside files lawsuit to allow fire privatization

Sep 17, 2014 (10:50:03)

The village of North Riverside filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court on Friday, asking a judge to allow it to proceed with a plan to privatize its fire department in order to escape the "prospective devastating financial consequences" that would result from operating its full-time municipal fire department in the future. Read more:

More fire departments using part-time firefighters

Sep 17, 2014 (10:49:02)

Middletown city officials are hoping to convert the Middletown Division of Fire into a department operated by full- and part-time firefighters — a growing trend in Butler County and around the United States. Read more:

What a Public Employee Really Costs

Sep 17, 2014 (10:48:24)

During my time as Oregon's secretary of state, I came to the conclusion that America's two main political parties were imprecisely named. What we really have is an "anti-government" party and an "anti-anti-government" party. This attitudinal divide is especially evident when it comes to the issue of public-employee compensation. Read more:

Emanuel socks city retirees with 40 percent health insurance hike

Sep 14, 2014 (08:56:27)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday dropped another financial bombshell on Chicago’s 25,000 retired city workers and their dependents: their monthly health insurance premiums will be going up by a whopping 40 percent — in spite of a pending lawsuit and a precedent-setting Illinois Supreme Court ruling. Read more:

8 Gilbert fire employees receive disciplinary action

Sep 14, 2014 (08:55:28)

Eight Gilbert Fire Department employees are temporarily having their pay docked 5 percent after an investigation found they improperly used paid sick time to work for a small fire district near Payson. Read more:

San Bernardino wins 2 victories against firefighters union in bankruptcy court

Sep 14, 2014 (08:54:17)

San Bernardino officials’ budget-balancing efforts won two victories in U.S. Bankruptcy Court here Thursday at the expense of the firefighters union. Read more:

Pension Spiking Could Cost California $800 Million

Sep 12, 2014 (11:04:13)

A legal way to increase pensions by boosting the final pay of retiring state and local government workers could drive up public employee pension costs in California by as much as $796 million over the next 20 years, the state controller said Tuesday. Read more:

The biggest myth about defined benefit pensions is how much they cost

Sep 11, 2014 (09:47:25)

Unions are generally opposed to target benefit plans, a newish pension vehicle that looks like a defined benefit plan but strips away the guarantee. Read more:

Nearly a quarter of Fortune 500 companies still offer pensions to new hires

Sep 11, 2014 (09:46:41)

About one in four large employers still offer some sort of pension to new hires, according to a study released Thursday. Read more:

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